In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Joseph Alfano (Deceased 1988)
Robert Allison (Deceased 1994)
Robert Anderson (Deceased 2003)
Victor Banko (Deceased 2018)  
Louis Blysick (Deceased 1992)
Edward Bolger (Deceased 2014)
Philip Brady (Deceased 2008)
Thomas Brady (Deceased Year Unknown)
Henry Burke (Deceased Year Unknown)
Richard Canavan (Deceased 2003)
Charles Carey (Deceased 2015)
Walter Case (Deceased 2003)
William Casler (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joseph Colletti (Deceased Year Unknown)
Victor Collins (Deceased 2014)  
Patrick Conaghan (Deceased 2018)
Austin Conley (Deceased 1991)
Franklin Connolly (Deceased 2017)
Robert Connolly (Deceased 2011)
Paul Contey (Deceased Year Unknown)
Walter Crowley (Deceased 2001)
Francis Cunningham (Deceased 2004)
Peter D'Amico (Deceased 2012)
Michael Donovan (Deceased 1992)
John Drake (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Drexler (Deceased 2001)
Peter Feehan (Deceased 1998)
William Finnegan (Deceased 2006)
John Fitzhenry (Deceased 2012)
John Gattuso (Deceased 2012)
Leo Gellene (Deceased 1981)
Donald Gerne (Deceased 2018)
Albert Halter (Deceased 2009)
John Hamilton (Deceased 2012)
William Hanlon (Deceased Year Unknown)
Harry Havemeyer (Deceased Year Unknown)
Thomas Hertz (Deceased 2016)
Samuel Husk (Deceased 1994)
Michael Jennings (Deceased 1991)
Robert Johnson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joseph Kane (Deceased 2014)
Richard Keller (Deceased 2017)
William Kemple (Deceased 2018)
Thomas Kenna (Deceased 2005)
John Kennedy (Deceased 2015)
Gerard Kerwin (Deceased 2005)  
Thomas Kilcoyne (Deceased 2010)
Robert Klinck (Deceased 1988)
Michael Kwiatkowski (Deceased 1978)
Robert Lamb (Deceased Year Unknown)
Frank Lateano (Deceased 2015)
Stanley Lattoz (Deceased 2015)  
Chester Lech (Deceased Year Unknown)
James Lepis (Deceased 2005)
William Macchi (Deceased 2018)
Paul Magarelli (Deceased 1998)
Raffaele Marino (Deceased 2011)
James Mazurek (Deceased 2014)
Harold McBreen (Deceased 2015)
William McNamara (Deceased 2008)
James McNeil (Deceased 2012)
Drew McTaggart (Deceased 2003)
William Murray (Deceased 2004)
Patrick Nestor (Deceased 2018)
James M. O'Brien (Deceased 2014)
Walter O'Connor (Deceased 2007)
Robert O'Grady (Deceased 2013)
Joseph O'Hare (Deceased 2002)
Michael Pinto (Deceased 2001)
Ward Riani (Deceased 1991)
John Ronan (Deceased Year Unknown)
Stephen Sabo (Deceased 2000)
James Scanlon (Deceased 2005)
Donald Sebold (Deceased 2009)
Richard Shalhoub (Deceased 2018)
Thomas Shanahan (Deceased 2017)
James Sullivan (Deceased 2007)
Andrew Vayda (Deceased Year Unknown)
Stanley Vernovage (Deceased 2009)
Edward White (Deceased 1955)
John Williams (Deceased 1965)
E. Norman Wilson (Deceased 2012)
Eugene Woerner (Deceased 2018)
Gerard Wood (Deceased 2007)
Donald Woronecki (Deceased 2013)
Andrew Wright (Deceased 1998)  
Louis Zircher (Deceased 2011)

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